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Thank you for supporting our efforts to cut plastic straw usage worldwide. The UN recently published a report stating that plastic pollution is now one of the largest environmental threats to humans and animals globally. By only handing out plastic straws if they are requested for the next 30 days, you are truly making a difference.

Plastic straws may not cost you a lot to purchase as a business owner, but the costs to our environment for the cleanup efforts and to vulnerable animals who ingest them is astronomical.

The average American eats out four times a week and almost everyone gets a straw (or two). If we get 25,000 people to skip the straw at restaurants every time, we can keep 5 million plastic straws out of our ocean and landfills in just one year. Our pledge aims to persuade the public to reduce and, eventually, stop their need of plastic straws when they visit your business. Together we can make a difference.

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Downloadable Business Pledge Form (Spanish Version)

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Awesome OneLessStraw Campaign buttons are available for only .50 cents each (plus shipping), just email us at: info@onemoregeneration.org. Let us know the number of buttons you need and your address. If you prefer to have the buttons printed yourself, go to our media page and you will find the print file there.

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Why This Is Important

Each year 100,000 marine animals and over 1 million sea birds die from ingesting plastic.

Every day we use 500,000,000 plastic straws. That’s enough straws to fill 46,400 large school buses PER YEAR!

U.S. Consumption is equal to enough plastic straws to wrap around the earth’s circumference 2.5 times a day!